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Looking For Shevchenko Viktor Mikhailovich

Shevchenko Victor M., born in Stanitsa Voznesenskaya ,Labinskiy district in June 1953, he studied at the College food production, but never finished it.It mamau name was Nina, she had breast cancer. His father Michael was separated from his mother. My mom Vinokourov Valentina Vladimirovna studied in this College and lived in a hostel,she's from the village of Vladimir, too, and there met my father when he returned from the army, 1973/1974 gg they got married and I came along/Shevchenko Natalia 20.11.1974 in Voznesensky the hospital. When I was about 3 years old, parents divorced, then we'd get some time alimony SeveraI he asked to refuse to pay for 3 children. I now live in Achlia, became ill with cancer and I want to see his father



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