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Looking for Strelnikova Marina S. and Victoria S.

Hello, help me find my nieces Strelnikova Marina Sergeevna 28.09.2008 G. R. , Strelnikova Victoria 08.05.2011 S. G. R. In 2016 they lived in Zabaykalsky Krai, Chita region, New p. cook, MD. GBF, 64 in the "GUSO" "Chernovsky complex center of social service of the population "Bereginya" inpatient unit "Brigantine" territory, now their trail was lost, I ask Everyone who knows anything about the girls to write to me. I want to know what happened to their life, how they learn, what are you interested in what need. I want to communicate with them, participate in their lives. And actually, I really want to see them, to hug tightly. Marishka, Vika we really missed You.

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2019-02-04 | 04:18 |