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This site can help you if you want to find:

  • relatives (search by family name)
  • those who have not returned from war
  • war dead
  • missing people
  • friends you lost contact with

What should I do?

You should post information about a person you want to find on the Post ad page. Do not forget to leave your contact information so that we can contact you when there is an update (or "when there is any new information") about the person you are searching for on our website. Try to find a friend using information you know. For example, you can search by family name, country, city, etc. Enter the information in the Search form. May be somebody is looking for you now. Take a chance to meet him faster and leave your ad in the Find me category.

Our website was developed for you, so you can succeed in finding friends, relatives, missing persons and those who have not yet returned from war or who have died.

Search in progress:

Konstantin Veide

Lost:- konstantine Veide, born in Riga, Latvia. Date of birth, 1931, March 11 Lived in stutkas, now called aizkraukle until early adulthood . mother’s name is Helena Veide, later married Ozolins. He is my cousin. Would welcome any news of him or his family.

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Tricks of fortune

Many people think that it is impossible to be lost today in a high-tech time. But we think in think in this way until some of our close people is suddenly lost.

  • Soviet Union collapse many relatives were separated by distance, borders and expensive trip to another state
  • wars and military conflicts people leave their homeplace without leaving their new address
  • man-made and natural disasters another reason to leave home and lose touch with family and friends
  • accident thousands of people go out for household affairs and do not return
  • revolutions, wars of the last century this list can be continued

Reasons why you lost relatives and friends are different, but do not feel despaired. You should act and do something to find them.

Keep your hopes up: perhaps someone see a person you want to find, may be someone has any information about this person and his life.

Perhaps somebody is looking for you while you are looking for them.

Impossible is nothing, you should search, write, remember details: even a minor detail can help you to find loved ones.

The fate decisively breaks into peoples destinies, separate them for days, months and years. But it should not be so - and our website is designed to help people to find each other.