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This site can help you if you want to find:

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  • those who have not returned from war
  • war dead
  • missing people
  • friends you lost contact with

What should I do?

You should post information about a person you want to find on the Post ad page. Do not forget to leave your contact information so that we can contact you when there is an update (or "when there is any new information") about the person you are searching for on our website. Try to find a friend using information you know. For example, you can search by family name, country, city, etc. Enter the information in the Search form. May be somebody is looking for you now. Take a chance to meet him faster and leave your ad in the Find me category.

Our website was developed for you, so you can succeed in finding friends, relatives, missing persons and those who have not yet returned from war or who have died.

Search in progress:

Looking For Babenkova Dmitry Fedorovicha

Babenkov, Dmitry Fedorovich was born in the village of Trostyanets, Vinnitsa region, Ukraine. Date of birth around 1939, 6-7 Nov. Was raised in an orphanage in Ladyzhyn, Vinnitsa region., After serving in the army went to work at the plant in Lipetsk, and then the connection is terminated. Looking for his older sister Babenkova Akulina Feodorovna, 1935 birth. Lives in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. tel: +380960872679

I'm looking for fart Dana

Missing person 22.03.2020 g Haifa fart Dana 1992,asking who saw him or knows of his nahozhdenie napishyte please please me

I'm looking for someone to don Dana

Missing person 22.03.2020 in Haifa the DoD Dana asked who has seen him or knows of his nahozhdenie can't I please,for earlier thanks

Lebedev Boris

Looking for a brother of my father Lebedeva, B. N. Lived and worked in Barnaul ,born in 1940-41G.in the city of Vichuga The Ivanovo region.

Looking for relatives on the father Shusterman, Jacob G. (father)

My name is Shusterman Vladimir Yakovlevich 20.03.1970 G. R. My father Shusterman Yakov 03.05.1919 G. R. I'm looking for his family. In the words of the dad in the family was 7 children. His brother Shusterman Joseph G. 1913 (Photo 1) and sister (photo 2). Don't know his name, the other photo there. My father was born in the town of Haisyn, Vinnytsia region(Ukraine) In his birth certificate recorded Shusterman Rachele Y. 1885.R. In the column the father costs a crossed out section. Before the great Patriotic War the family moved to Lugansk. I know that Joseph G. (father's brother) died in the war in 1944 near Brest-Litovsk. Joseph was married. Wife Faina and eldest daughter Asya. The younger child does not know.(photo 1, photo 3, photo 5) Looking for brothers and sisters on the father. Before my birth my father was married with Matilda Predecessor Arkadyevna. There is only a divorce certificate when restoring the registry office of the city of Voroshilovgrad, 1953. About the children of this marriage not known to me. Address Predecessor str., Odessa thieves 11/10. Before marriage the address was or after I don't know. Still the marriage was but a civil official, or I don't know. There is only photo number 6.Daughter Lena and wife Faith, 1955 After the war he was in Leningrad . Address K. Marksa Ave. 3 B kV 42 in a communal apartment At the time 1946. My email shustermanvladimir1970@mail.ru

Kozlov.Tanya.the Devic Medvedev

Was born in Kazakhstan.in the city of Balkhash was born in 1979 mother Olga Medvedeva is looking for brother Barmotin.Aleksandar.

Looking For Popova, Nina

My grandmother was born in Omsk , but she married grandpa who hails from Dnipropetrovsk, she moved into the Dnieper approximately 1965-66гг. My mom was born in 67g. And then 85m in the year I was born! My grandmother kept in touch with her until about 1970. But that's what I know! So what do I know: My grandmother: Popova Valentina 11.09.1928 G. R. Omsk ( devec. FAM. She didn't take her grandfather's name) Grandfather: Cluj Ivan 03.03.1938 G. R. Dnipro Ukr. Mom: Popova Marina Ivanovna 14.06.1967 G. R. Place of birth don't know or Omsk or Dnepr. And now the important about relatives from Omsk, I know: Popova Nina(sort of) Aleksandrovna, year of birth don't know! But! She was the Director of the kindergarten! Year about 1950-70gg. Take this run because to predict more accurately can't. I know she had two kids!

Looking For Xenia Petrov

Looking for Xenia Petrova, about 1996-1998 year of birth. In 2010 was in a rehabilitation center in the village of Streletskoe of the Astrakhan region. Further its location I don't know.in SOC. networks can not find. Please, if koto knows her, please call or email me. Thank You in advance.89170980963

Looking For Xenia Petrov

Looking for Xenia Petrova, about 1996-1998 year of birth. In 2010 was in a rehabilitation center in the village of Streletskoe of the Astrakhan region. Further its location I don't know.in SOC. networks can not find. Please, if koto knows her, please call or email me. Thank You in advance.89170980963

Looking for relatives of my grandfather Rafikova Kavya

Rafikov Cavy. Presumably 1890. birth. Orenburg province.Looking for relatives of my grandfather Rafikova Kavya,my grandmother Kantemirova Rahim.Living in Kazakhstan

looking for brother

Kyrgyzstan 1966 Tilebaev Pulat Abramovich worked and went missing in the town of Balkhash 1998 Bishkek +996552111073

Looking For Nuzhdaev Vyacheslav

Looking for brothers Alexander and Vyacheslav Nurtaevich.they lived in Togliatti.the connection was lost back in the 90.live in Minsk in social networks they are not.+375255398311.our moms are sisters Nina and Luda nee Kulbeckia

Relatives Gantry

Please help to find my relatives from Feodosia!Old news, father died,grandmother of Nadia and grandfather Vasily dead,sisters,nephews,nieces,brothers respond! I live in Abakan!

I'm looking for his cousin Ilya

All I know about it is the name of the Ilia and the name of his mother Val and that he is 14 years old and he was adopted by his grandfather

Looking for a family Sergeevich

My father and his sister were twins, their mother by the name of Matveev and his father Piskunov.As my cousin and sister Dmitry and Natalia lived in Kazan, I with Vyborg, Leningrad region

Looking For Gusev, Alexander V.

Ukraine town Uman 1979, Gusev, Aleksandr V., went to Kiev,then in Donetsk on the front. The relationship is no longer included

Are You Searching For Tatiana Terrand

Tatiana Terrand(perhaps the name of the other), have two children that were taken away, lived a man whose name is Terrant. Can be contacted via mobil200211@gmail.com

Looking for distant relatives for great grandfather

Looking for distant relatives on his great-grandfather, only know what was the name of the great-grandfather of Gregory Bakhtamyan, was the second world war great-grandfather met great-grandmother in Saratov, they had a son my grandfather Bakhtamyan Alexander, then the great-grandfather entered the convent in the war, and when he returned the great-grandmother was already with another man, the great-grandfather went , as my grandma says that he left home to Armenia. The son of my great-grandfather, Alexander Bakhtamyan was born the son Bakhtamyan Viktor and him, we were great-grandchildren of Grigory Bakhtamyan who would like to find distant relatives. We live in the city of Tver Tver region. For communication please email kristinabaxtamyn@yandex.ru

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Tricks of fortune

Many people think that it is impossible to be lost today in a high-tech time. But we think in think in this way until some of our close people is suddenly lost.

  • Soviet Union collapse many relatives were separated by distance, borders and expensive trip to another state
  • wars and military conflicts people leave their homeplace without leaving their new address
  • man-made and natural disasters another reason to leave home and lose touch with family and friends
  • accident thousands of people go out for household affairs and do not return
  • revolutions, wars of the last century this list can be continued

Reasons why you lost relatives and friends are different, but do not feel despaired. You should act and do something to find them.

Keep your hopes up: perhaps someone see a person you want to find, may be someone has any information about this person and his life.

Perhaps somebody is looking for you while you are looking for them.

Impossible is nothing, you should search, write, remember details: even a minor detail can help you to find loved ones.

The fate decisively breaks into peoples destinies, separate them for days, months and years. But it should not be so - and our website is designed to help people to find each other.